Welcome to Raasay Digital!

My name is Fiona and I’m the owner of Raasay Digital. 

I live in Melbourne (Australia) and I’ve started my own social media and digital freelancing company to help small to medium businesses build an online presence.

A little about me:

I’ve been “officially” in the digital and social media landscape for seven years. I say “officially” because, let’s be honest I’ve been in the social media/digital land since ICQ had that annoying “uh-oh” noise notification (those people who know what I’m talking about would have instantly just heard it).

I had a Myspace profile before Facebook became popular and a music site (trust me, a while). My first email address was a Hotmail email address in 1997, when I had just started high school!

And, my parents would come home from work during school holidays to tell me to hop off the internet as it was chewing up the phone! (in other words dial-up days). So, I guess a while!

Where the “official” part comes in.

I guess you could say, this is where I started putting my digital skills on my resume. Having careers in non-for-profits, medium sized organisations and large corporate environments (I’m talking 120K+ followers).

I love for working with time-poor business superstars who get the ‘why’ of social media, but not necessarily the ‘how’. I want to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, idea’s people bring their plans to life. I want to be able to assist with running their business and increase their online footprint.

Let me help you build your online profile! Or if you are already up and running and would like to check if you are doing the right “online thang”, get in contact.

Ciao! (for now)



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