What social media platforms should I be using for my business?

Question: I’m a small business, should I be on all social media platforms? The question should be, do you have time to be on every social media platform? (EEEeePPppp! There are so many social media platforms!) If you don’t have the time (aka time poor), then you answer is definitely not, if you are going … Read More

How to start creating a website template and guide

You’ve come to realise that you online branding needs to become more than your social media posts but where do you start. If being a digital geek is not your thing, the best way is to outsource the build and design to someone else (or perhaps a few!) You’ll find now that most graphic or … Read More

Who is behind Raasay Digital

Welcome to Raasay Digital! My name is Fiona and I’m the owner of Raasay Digital.  I live in Melbourne (Australia) and I’ve started my own social media and digital freelancing company to help small to medium businesses build an online presence. A little about me: I’ve been “officially” in the digital and social media landscape … Read More

I have social media, so do I still need a website?

I have social media, so do I still need a website? Yes, pure and simple. But why I hear you ask. See my WHY website tips below: 1st of all, it will help you get found. Google will look more favourable upon you. The more social media profiles and exposure you have on the internet, … Read More

Hello world!

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Looking for Project Managers

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